The Norwegian Petroleum Museum

Picture sequences
4 500 000 000 years     Natural history through billions of years
The drill bit collection     Different sizes and types of bits illustrate how drilling procedes
The well that went wild     Well no 2/4-14 was out of control for 11 months
The black days     The Alexander L. Kielland tragedy claimed 123 lives
A universe below     Diving bells and vessels for working on the seabed
Factories at sea     Presentation from top to bottom of the working environment on a drilling rig
The cutting edge of technology     Innovative methods of drilling and production at increasing depths
Life on board     Scenes from work- and leisure-time on the platform
The Prologue     Glimpses of oil history, in the form of tableaus, from the oldest times through to the future
Petrorama/Timeline     A wide view of Norway's oil history
The Survival capsule "Whittaker"     A self-powered survival capsule with room for 28 people
Taking a journey offshore     Check-in and safety routines prior to the helicopter flight out to the field
Forum: "Big bigger Statfjord"     Area for temporary exhibitions
History of technology     Equipment and models of vessels and installations
"The largest drill bit in the world"     Weight 1700 kg, diameter 90 cm
At the entrance Tickets/Information The museum store Bølgen et Moi (restaurant) "The worlds biggest drillbit" At the information booth The library, view from the second floor The southern corner by the movie theatre Southwest corner behind movie theatre At elevator behind movie theatre At stairs from sea installations In stairs from sea installations In corridor from sea installations In the Petrodome Exit from the Petrodome Entrance to the Petrodome At stairs to sea installations In stairs to sea installations In corridor ahead of helicopter cabin "Life on board" near entrance At entrance to "Life on board" "Life on board", south "Life on board", west "Life on board", north "Life on board", east At exit from "Life on board" Exit from "Factories at sea" Entrance to "Factories at sea" In the drilling cabin At the drilling cabin At the life boat "Factories at sea", north At the simulator Stairs to platform roof and -cellar Stairs to platform roof Stairs on platform roof Platform roof Stairs to platform cellar 1 In platform cellar Stairs to platform roof cellar 2 Stairs at platform cellar The movie theatre Entrance to "The earth's past" "The earth's past" "Shooting at the past" "From carbon to carburettor" "A global force" "Energy and man", south "Energy and man", north The gas pump The drill bit collection Northeast corner Along the north wall 1 Along the north wall 2 Along the north wall 3 Along the north wall 4 Along the north wall 5 Along the north wall 6 Along the north wall 7 At the borders of technology" Along the north wall 8 At "Prologen" and entrance to movie theatre East of the movie theatre, at "Petrorama" Between the movie theatre and the survival capsule "Whittaker" In front of the survival capsule "Whittaker" Southwest of "A universe below" In front of "A universe below" "A universe below" In front of "The black days" In front of "The well that went wild" South of "History of technology" 1 "History of technology" 1 West of "History of technology" South of "History of technology" 2 "History of technology" 2 South of "History of technology" 3 The Petrodome Corrodor Corridor The platform cellar The main building The main building The main building The main building Life on board Faactories at sea The platform roof